Welcome to Kurseong Carriers Pvt. Ltd.

The company has originally started his business at Kurseong since 1972 and with an assignment for transportation & handling agent of  stores with few Tea Gardens which are located in hereby kurseong, Darjeeling viz., Ambootia, Dilaram, Singell, Ging, Barnock burn, Phoobsering, Takdah, Chamong, Pusimbing & others. Thereafter we picked up the entire handling of Ramman Hydel Project, Darjeeling including Cement, Steel & others equipments. The company also had an opportunity to transport food grains under food & supply department, West Bengal for kurseong. more...

Our Services

Parcel Consignment
Safe & timely delivery of parcel consignments to C&F agents, Distributors, Whole-salers, Retailers & main user.
Full truck load
In Full Truck Load we bring our transport vehicles to your premises for deliveries. Mostly used for bulk/large orders.
Express delivery
Fast & On-Time guaranteed delivery of consignment, ensuring personalized care during transportation.